Business Values | J-Palm Liberia

The Customer: Know and Serve the Customer Better than Anyone Else

The customer comes first. J-Palm exists to deliver excellent products and services to our customers. In order to do that, we need to know our customers better than anyone else. Here’s what that means:

  • Be a leader in market research. We strive to understand our customers, their needs and their aspirations by listening to them closely. We apply rigorous consumer research methods, including ethnographic research, shadowing, surveys, and statistical analyses, to develop a strong grasp of our customers’ needs and to create products and delivery models that most effectively address their needs.
  • Solicit constant customer feedback and innovate accordingly. Whenever possible, we ask customers about their experience with our products and services, and use those insights to continue to improve the consumer experience.
  • Create an “elevating” consumer experience for the customer. We focus not only on creating great, products, but also on creating a consumer experience that goes above and beyond the functional use of the product. The J-Palm experience should “elevate” our customers from before the point of purchase until the point of use, leaving each customer with the feeling that they are unique, and that they matter to us.

Our People: Find, Develop and Keep the Best People

A company is nothing without its people, their talents, passion and relationships. Here’s how we build a winning team:

  • Always invest in our people. A passionate, reliable and entrepreneurial employee who understands our mission and values is worth her weight in gold. We make the kinds of personal and professional investments necessary to ensure that our people are the industry’s best at what they do. Beyond investing in our employees’ professional training, we also invest in our employees’ personal development because we believe that happy employees are essential for any winning team. We promote from within wherever possible.
  • Demand excellence from our employees. We promote and cultivate a culture of excellence, out-of-the-box thinking, and initiative-taking. We recognize that excellence can come from anywhere, and we challenge employees at all levels of J-Palm to take on additional responsibility and we support them as they strive to fulfill their potential. To maintain this standard of excellence, we must also have the courage to terminate employees who underperform or do not fit with the company’s culture.
  • Build and maintain trust at all costs. We never prioritize short term profits over the potential for long-term value that comes with building strong relationships with our customers, employees and business partners.

Our Culture: Excellence Through Honesty, Feedback and Great Ideas

In order to grow and be great together, we need to be able to communicate open and freely. Here is how we will promote honesty, feedback and great ideas, every time:

  • The best ideas can come from anyone at any time. Everyone experiences different perspectives, but we share the common goal of making J-Palm the best it can be. We find and implement the best ideas, no matter where or who they come from.
  • Candor and real-time feedback. We promote an open culture of debate and reason.  At J-Palm, if anyone thinks that something can be done better, they are required say so openly. Honest and constructive feedback is the lifeblood of a healthy company culture; lack of feedback is a disease. At J-Palm we reward employees who demonstrate candor and reprimand employees who keep critical feedback to themselves.
  • Maintain a flat organization. Some hierarchy is necessary to manage large-scale operations, but hierarchy is not a good in itself. Open and free communication should always trump hierarchy, bureaucracy and rank.
  • Our company structure will be “bottom-heavy” not “top-heavy.” We will employ a lean, passionate and dedicated management team, allowing the vast majority of our employees to work as close to “the ground” and to our clients as possible. This will keep J-Palm connected to our real work and keep decision-making streamlined.

Our Operations: Always Leaner, Always Better

We strive to be the lowest-cost provider of high-quality goods and services within our industry. Efficient and effective operations allow us to do that. Here’s how:

  • Keep operations lean. We keep operations simple and cut waste relentlessly. We also focus on maximizing value for all our resources.
  • Do not tolerate bureaucracy. If something can be done in 2 steps rather than 3, do it in 2 and let others know how it can be done.
  • Maximize results, not work time. We work to create value, and we measure employee value in terms of results, not hours. It is not the number of hours one works that counts, but the value that one creates during that work time.

Our Standards: Compete to Stay Alive; Stay Lively in Order to Compete

We strive to set the bar in terms of quality, consistency and affordability for a range of products in Liberia. We compete to win. Here is how:

  • Strive to be the best and remain at the cutting edge. We embrace healthy competition, and seek to set the industry standard. We innovate constantly to improve our existing products and services while working to create new products and services. We see change for the growth opportunity it brings.
  • Always take pride in our products and services. If we are not inspired, our customers will not be either. This means that we work tirelessly to create products that we ourselves enjoy using, and are comfortable marketing to other people.
  • Quality means consistency. Our products must always be available and of a reliable quality.

Our Values: Live and Breathe Them

We believe that our values are what holds us together. Our values allow us to achieve our mission, serve our customers, and inspire excellence among our employees. Here is how we sustain our values:

  • Our values represent a living and evolving set of communal company principles. Everyone at J-Palm should discuss and debate our values in order to understand and take ownership of them. This debate contributes to understanding and ownership, and supplies important feedback with regards to the day-to-day relevance of our values.
  • Let the values guide the boat. Our values set the parameters for all decision-making processes from hiring to operations, marketing, customer acquisition, and financing and investor relations.
  • Live the values from the production site, to the points of sales, to the board room. Living our values is recognized and rewarded. In addition to standard performance metrics, each employee is evaluated based on their demonstrated alignment with the company’s values.