Why J-Palm? | J-Palm Liberia

Our business is based on the principle that low-income individuals deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as middle- and high-income individuals in the commercial marketplace. Through a vertically integrated, no-waste manufacturing process, we create a range of affordable oil palm-based consumer goods and clean energy solutions for consumers at the base of the economic pyramid. In the process, we are creating much-needed jobs for Liberia’s population, and increasing incomes for smallholder farmers.

Globally, 2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day, and in Liberia 64 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. While thousands of charitable organizations and NGOs are working to address the most critical social needs of the poor, this segment of the population is largely overlooked by major local and global businesses.

At J-Palm we see this virtually untapped segment of the population as a significant market for low-cost, high quality consumer goods and services. We apply a rigorous research and development process to create consumer goods, clean energy products, advertising campaigns, and distribution models that fully meet the needs of our customers in a consistent, convenient and affordable manner. This focus on deeply understanding the customer experience in order to innovate on product functionality and improve distribution systems is virtually nonexistent among other consumer goods company in Liberia. Our customer-focused R&D process puts us on the cutting edge of innovation in Liberia’s consumer goods space, and differentiates us from our competitors.

Currently, our flagship consumer product is a brand of laundry soaps that has excellent lather content and efficiently removes dirt from clothes, leaving them feeling crisp and smelling great. In addition to the soaps, we are also working with a team of student researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder to use oil palm biomass (palm kernel shells and palm leaves) to create a brand of energy-efficient, longer-burning charcoal.

We are able to market our products at very affordable prices without compromising on quality, because of our vertically integrated manufacturing structure. We produce our own palm oil and palm kernel oil, which are the major ingredients in our laundry soap. We also earn additional revenue from processing and selling the by-products of palm oil and palm kernel oil production which include palm kernel cake (used as animal feed) and palm kernel shells.