J-Lab | J-Palm Liberia


J-Lab’s research team synthesizing insights from consumer research.

J-Lab is J-Palm’s research and development department. We apply customer-centered research techniques to gather and synthesize insights to enable J-Palm to remain on the cutting edge of innovation and service delivery in our industry.

Our approach to research and innovation is heavily influenced by the Human-Centered Design framework pioneered at the global product design firm, IDEO. We have taken their rich insights and experiences, and adopted them to the Liberian context. At the core of our work is a quest to understand our customers so well, that we are able to predict the customer’s wants and needs even before the customer is aware of these wants and needs. That is why our research is not simply a snapshot in time: we are constantly collecting feedback from our customers to improve our existing products, while working to create new products and services that address critical needs of our existing and potential customers.

We currently have two categories of products in development:

Consumer Goods

Clean Energy Solutions