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Turn Heads: Look Sharp and Smell Good

Glow: Look sharp, smell good, and feel great. You deserve to!

Look sharp, smell good, and feel great. You deserve to!

We are currently finalizing market tests for our brand of laundry soaps, which will be the flagship product for our consumer goods business. Demand for higher quality soaps and cleaning agents is growing, underpinned by rapid urbanization, population growth, and increased consumer spending.

While foreign brands dominate the market, many low-income Liberians rely on local, artisanal soap brands to meet their laundry and cleaning needs because they are more affordable. However, consumers have expressed major dissatisfaction with locally produced soaps, as they are not packaged and can be very harsh on the skin. These soap bars usually cause the users’ hands to peel and their clothes to fade after use.

We have decided to create a brand of soaps because we believe that Liberians at the base of the economic pyramid deserve better. Our soaps improve on the made-in-Liberia soaps already offered in the marketplace, by adding colors, fragrances, and packaging, and by distributing them through a network of well-trained sales agents, so that buyers receive the best possible customer service. Additionally, our soap bars are created to be firmer and have a longer shelf life, so that our customers get maximum value for every dollar spent on the product. As mentioned earlier, a major problem that low-income soap users currently face is the caustic harshness of the locally produced soaps.  Our technical team has developed a formula that addresses this problem by striking the right balance between the oils and lye, and by putting the soaps through a stringent post-production process to prepare them for mass use.