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 Kernel Fresh: Proudly Liberian, Proudly African.

100% Natural Palm Kernel Oil for Radiant Skin and Luxurious Hair

Skin Care: For hundreds of years, Palm Kernel Oil has been used in Liberia and across West Africa for its numerous therapeutic skin and hair care benefits. Palm Kernel Oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants that provide amazing anti-aging benefits. It prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines, enhances skin tone, and serves as an excellent moisturizer. Palm Kernel Oil is very effective at treating acne and pimples because it moisturizes your skin without clogging up your pores.

Hair Care: Palm Kernel Oil also works wonders for the hair; it provides thorough conditioning, strengthens the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth and vibrant tresses.

NOTE: Palm Kernel Oil usually hardens when it is placed in cold temperature. If this happens, simply squeeze the oil out of the bottle and rub it in your palms until it melts. Alternatively, place the bottle in hot water for a few minutes until the oil melts.

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